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13 recommended citrus perfumes for those who are not good at strong aroma. Both men and women are perfect!


Aromatherapy is used as complementary medicine in countries such as France where doctors prescribe essential oils. In Japan, there is a desire to infiltrate as a healing body and mind, and we are exploring the possibility of having a healthier life with the power of aroma. Therefore, I was particular about the fragrance.

Speaking of fragrance, overseas brands are still major in Japan. However, Japanese fragrances such as “green tea” made abroad sometimes feel that the overseas feeling cannot be wiped out. Heavenly Room creates sophisticated fragrances unique to Kyoto in Japan and proposes a new style of fragrance.

Brand concept
Heavenly Room is committed to Made in Japan. In order to maintain high quality, we also provide cosmetics-level quality control for room fragrances and candles, which are treated as miscellaneous goods, and deliver safety and security. In addition, the scent expresses the changing beauty of the four seasons in Japan. The scenery of Japan and the fragrance that you can feel the emotions of plants are unique to Heavenly Room.

Where can I buy Heavenly Room?
Heavenly Room products are available at Lofts and Charis Seijo throughout Japan. The availability of lofts near you depends on the stock status of the store, so please check directly with the store. And there is a dedicated showroom at Miu Selection, where you can pick up Heavenly Room products and smell the scent.

It is a 5-minute walk from Kintetsu “Toji Station” and requires a reservation only. Please make a reservation before you go. There is also an official online shop so you can buy it online.

Miu Selection Showroom
89-1 Yotsutsukacho, Minami-ku, Kyoto

Miu Selection Official Online Shop
[2] Enjoy the scent of Japanese! What is the recommended scent?
The Heavenly Room, which boasts a Japanese scent, has many unusual scents. Here are some of the most popular scents.

Green tea aroma
The first green note has a refreshing aroma with a fresh mint. The citrus aroma gradually mixes with lemon, bergamot and Italian citrus. Then, the refined scent of green tea is added, and it changes to a scent similar to floral. Finally, it is wrapped in musk and is a popular scent when you can relax.

Fragrant osmanthus
Many people remember the fragrance of osmanthus in autumn. This fragrance is completed with a fruityness while retaining the soft but clear scent. The translucent fragrance is comfortable and makes you feel elegant while maintaining elegance until the last.

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11 popular perfumes recommended by Kinumokusei! Introducing the aroma effect of the scent
Yae cherry scent
Yae Sakura has a solid feeling among the cherry blossoms, and each flower has a presence. It is a fragrance created with the image of a blooming figure that looks like a rose. At first it is slightly sweet and floral is the center, but it gradually becomes fragrant with musk and amber and gently wraps to the end.

Scented flower scent

We make bold fragrance from Shencho, famous for its unique good fragrance. The whole is floral tones, reminiscent of the warm sunshine of early summer. Bergamot and lemon are also fragrant, changing to vetiver and agarwood, giving a subdued scent.

Autumn leaves scent
The scent of autumn leaves inspired by the quiet and deep autumn. Moss and patchouli add to the autumn trees and the sweetness of the rose adds to the scent. Especially recommended for those who like woody aroma.

[3] Heavenly Alum 7 carefully selected products
All Heavenly Room products are easy to use and snuggle up to your life. And the stylish design is excellent as an interior. Here are 7 recommendations from such a lineup.

May 8, 2019