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How to wear fragrance!

A scent blog that has been around for 11 years as a hobby.

It is a free blog that covers a wide range of scents such as aromas, tea, bath additives, cosmetics, and sometimes even hobbies (travel, candle making, art appreciation, etc.).

I love fragrances, but perfumes are more interested in creators than collections, studying perfumes, applying for perfume contests, directing scents live, and learning about perfumes. For the past 11 years, I have been promoting fragrance activities in the form of teaching.

That’s why I think I don’t have much perfume for writing scents, but I bought eight fragrances in 2019 as I wanted to!

Here are four of the scents that I particularly liked, those that were easy to use, and those that left an impression. It was a brand that I had been paying attention to for more than 10 years, but there was no fragrance that I had received.

Meanwhile, at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi store in Tokyo, where the first shop in Japan relaunched, I learned that there was a free scent counseling party in January 2019 and participated.

Doris van Notten (Frederick Maru)

Counseling lasts about an hour. Hearings were asked about the scent you like and what kind of scene you want to apply, and about three recommended scents were suggested.

Indeed, there were only professional choices, and all three were just my favorite scents, but the one that I was most worried about was “Doris van Notten”, the scent called “Doris van Notten” did.

This is an unusual piece with a scent of the image of Belgian designer Doris van Notten.

Normally, a brand creates a fragrance at the request of a brand, but I don’t think there is much fragrance that imagines a brand or its designer.

Unfortunately, I like perfume but I’m not familiar with fashion, and when I first heard it, I didn’t immediately realize that it was a clothing brand, but the design of Doris van Notten is novel, exotic and playful There seems to be a lot of good clothes, and this is reflected, and this scent also had a very unique scent.

From the top that first smelled at Muette, I did not know the identity but it was somewhat annoying complexity, but there was softness and warmth that relieved me, and there was a delicious sweetness like cake and biscuit .

Anyway, the image of Belgian cinnamon biscuit is incorporated into the aroma. Such a place is playful and interesting! I was excited.

On the way, it smells like leather, but it seems that it was saffron. This saffron is an effective accent, and you can also feel the mischief of a mischievous adult.

In the second half, the scent of condensed milk also appears, but I liked it again for its unrelenting sweetness.

The base is also impressive with the smooth fragrance of sandalwood, but it is said that the sandalwood fragrance is obtained from what the fragrance company has planted and grown in Mysore, a famous sandalwood production area.

I thought that the work created using such precious fragrances has something to do with the attitude and commitment to cherish the materials of fashion brands.

Doris van Notten (Frederick Maru)

For perfume, choose a 10ml size that can be set with a mobile atomizer for trial purposes. The vermilion color that can be said to be the brand color of Frederick Maru shines, just by holding it makes you feel better ♪

As an image, between the east and the west … a fascinating scent with an exotic fascinating cityscape like Turkey.

When I wear this in the middle of winter and take off my coat, I like the soft, smooth and gentle scent with my body temperature.

FREDERIC MALLE (Doris van Notten, 10mL)
FREDERIC MALLE (Doris van Notten, 10mL)

11,999 yen (as of 03/03 18:32)

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[3] My best perfume
Lupine & Patchouli / Joe Malone London
Lupine & Patchouli / Joe Malone London

Next up is “Lupin & Patchouli” from “Jo Malone” ‘s spring limited collection “Wildflower & Weez”, which I previously wrote on FELICE.

JO MALONE LONDON Spring limited fragrance “Wildflower & Weeds Collection” is here!

I wrote an article about the “Wildflower & Weeds Collection” above, so I would like to take a closer look at that, but at this time, I prefer the rather different scent “Kade & Cedarwood” Was.

However, what I often wore during this summer and summer when I went out and worked was “Lupine & Patchouli”.

This scent has the advantage that it can change the impression with a rag when layered with other perfume of “Joe Malone”, and it has a good reputation around it, even if it is attached alone I thought that it was an excellent scent.

It took a lot of work to get it (also see the previous article for details), but I also loved it and felt a little geeky fragrance at the beginning of release and it was so convenient I didn’t think it was good, so I was glad to get it! It became a dish that I thought from my heart ♪

When I was wearing it in early spring, my skin did not have much scent of rose and it had a bitter sip-like scent, but when I put it in summer, the rose became lively and scented with a vivid floral scent was.

After all, it is a scent that I realized that the scent differs depending on the season when the same scent is applied.

Jo Malone Wild Flower & Weeds Collection Limited Lupine & Patchouli Colon [Parallel imports]
Jo Malone Wild Flower & Weeds Collection Limited Lupine & Patchouli Colon [Parallel imports]

19,980 yen (as of 03/03 18:32)

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[4] My best perfume ③
Les Caux de Chanel Paris Venice / Chanel
Les Couches Paris Venice Venice Chanel

I like both “Doris van Notten” and “Lupin & Patchouli”, but both seem too sweet or too strong for the unique atmosphere of autumn …

I wanted a scent that fits the painful air that begins to cool down as the air dries, and the scent I aimed for last fall was “Resou de Chanel Paris Venice” from “Chanel”.

“Resauds de Chanel” also participated in the event in the summer of 2018.

Les Couches Paris Venice Venice Chanel

This event is a small group, such as a pair of two, trying out the scent with a blind, following the image of the scent from the illustration, trying the scent of the perfume source material and the fragrance itself, It was a very interesting event to enjoy the scent with all five senses.

There are three types of fragrances in the “ Resauds de Chanel ” series, all of which bear the name of the land related to Chanel, and all fragrances feature the scent of Sicilian and Calabrian citrus. .

Among them, “Paris Venice” is the gentlest and most romantic sweet scent.

The vanilla is scented around the refreshing floral of neroli, but the vanilla doesn’t insist so much, and it feels like it’s floating in the air around it.

There is no sharp point at all, and it is a fragrance that combines brightness and calmness. It is a fragrance that makes you feel like a gentle woman who can relax yourself when worn.

I liked it at the time of the event and thought, “I want it,” but I wasn’t confident that I could use the 100ml size, so I was a little out of hand.

I was glad that 50ml size was released after that, so I bought it in the fall of 2019. Throughout the fall, I was wearing this “Paris Venice” and felt like traveling throu

January 21, 2019