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A good woman with a scent! Proper perfume application and precautions

How can I apply this perfume? !
The first thing I want to tell you is “how to apply NG perfume”. Have you ever seen in a drama or the like, “drop or push a drop of perfume on your wrist, rub it firmly on both wrists, and attach it to your neck”?

Speaking of how to apply perfume, such a scene is envisioned, but in fact this is NG. The reason is that rubbing with your wrist creates friction and destroys the scent components.

How to put the right perfume
The point of how to apply perfume correctly is “to make the scent fluffy.” When attaching to your wrist, do not rub them together, but stretch them out by tapping them so that the fragrance will calm down.

This is safe! Points and precautions for proper perfume application by type

Points for attaching
You may be careful before applying perfume. That is to attach to “clean skin”. If you apply perfume to sweaty skin, your body odor and perfume will be mixed, and you will not be able to enjoy the original scent of perfume.

If you want to enjoy the scent you like, wipe it with sweat to make sure your skin is clean and dry.

Currently, many of the perfumes sold are “spray type”.

To apply the perfume, first decide where you want to apply the perfume and spray 10 pushes 20 to 20 away from that position. This is all right, so it’s very easy.

In the case of spray type, there is also a method of pushing one in the air, passing under it and adding perfume.

-About the nozzle-
The rule of thumb is 1 push, but in fact it is necessary to adjust the way of delivery according to the length of the perfume nozzle. There are three main types of perfume nozzles. Let’s look at each one.

■ Long nozzle
If the nozzle length is as long as 1.7cm, if you push it vigorously, it will be overfitted and the scent will be tight. As a guide, push about half the length of the nozzle.

If you push everything, the amount will be very large and the fragrance will be very tight.

■ Medium nozzle
Nozzles with a medium length of about 1.2cm can be pushed down to the bottom basically. However, depending on the perfume, the strength of the scent is different, so we recommend trying it once.

After purchasing the perfume, try one push and see for yourself. If you feel the smell to be intense, try to push out about half of the nozzle as well as the long nozzle.

■ Short nozzle
If the nozzle is as short as 0.6cm, push it to the bottom of the nozzle. I think that the simplest usage is a perfume with a short nozzle.

However, in the case of a short nozzle, the scent may be weak with one push. If you try it once and find that the scent is weak, you can safely push two. Please suit your own taste.

If it is still in the perfume bottle, decide where you want to apply the perfume, tilt the perfume bottle, and use it so that only one drop hangs. At this time, be careful not to tilt the perfume bottle too much, as a lot of liquid may come out.

[2] Timing to apply perfume
You can enjoy three levels of fragrance in perfume. It is not the same scent for a long time, but has the characteristic that the scent gradually changes over time.

The fragrance immediately after being applied changes to “top”, then “middle”, and becomes “last”. This is expressed as a top note, a middle note, and a last note, but “note” means “scent tone”.

Top notes
It is the first fragrance emitted from perfume. It is characterized by a refreshing, highly volatile fragrance and a strong aroma. After adding perfume and about 10 minutes, the scent will change. Do not stack perfume at this time. Because the scents overlap, it will be different from the original scent.

Middle note
A scent that can be said to be the center of perfume. It is the core of perfume. The scent of the top note is over, and the scent comes up after 30 to 1 hour. The duration is said to be about 3 hours. The main smell of perfume is this middle note.

Last note
The top coat, middle note, and last note is the last note. You can enjoy the fragrance that can easily remain as a lingering finish such as musk or vanilla, and it is characterized by its high persistence. The floral scent lasts about 12 hours from the top note to the last note, and the woody scent lasts 24 hours.

The perfume just smells good 30 minutes after applying the middle note perfume. So it’s a good idea to add perfume 30 minutes before you go out.

However, since the taste of the scent is different for each person, if you like the scent of the top note, you can do it just before going out, or if you like the scent that switches from middle note to last note, use perfume 3 hours before going out It should be attached.

Please find your favorite perfume time.

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[3] What are the main parts for applying perfume?

When attached to the body
When attaching to the body, the recommended site is

■ behind the ear
■ Nape
■ breast
■ Inside the elbow
■ West
■ Inside the wrist
■ Inside the thigh
■ Inside the knee
■ Inside the ankle Achilles tendon

These are the nine locations.

For perfume, the strength and weakness of the scent change depending on the body temperature. By attaching it to a warm place with a high body temperature, the alcohol content of the perfume can be volatilized, allowing you to enjoy the original fragrance of the perfume.

So, if you want to enjoy a solid scent, you can put it on a place with high body temperature, such as behind your ears, inside your wrist, or nape. Also, if you want to enjoy a soft scent, put it on a place with low body temperature such as the back of your knee or your ankle.

Conversely, there are two places where you should not apply perfume.

× armpit
The underarms are easy to sweat, so perspiration can drain away perfume. Also, be careful because the scent of sweat and the scent of perfume may be mixed and the scent of the original perfume may disappear.

Perfume is not intended to eliminate the smell of sweat. If you notice the smell of the armpits, use a deodorant or antiperspirant.

× feet and back of hands
This is also a good place to sweat, just like underarms. Perfume should be avoided in places where sweat is easy. Also, be sure to avoid perfumes, as your feet can easily become stuffy when wearing socks or shoes.

The same is true for males, and you can leave the impression of a decisive man by paying careful attention to over-applying and slightly scenting.

Other recommended perfume locations
■ Attach to hair
Perfume can also be applied to your hair. In the case of half-up, if you attach it to the hair tips, it will give a scent in a well-ventilated place.

However, depending on the quality of the hair, it may be a burden on your hair. If you really want to use it, use perfume for your hair.

■ Attach to clothes
Perfume is basically applied to the skin. For clothing, use clothing fragrances. Depending on the perfume, the color may change with the clothes or change the color of the clothes.

Also, the scent soaked in the clothes may release a strong scent without falling off. So it’s a good idea to soak the perfume into your handkerchief or cotton and put it in your pocket.

[4] Points for adding perfume by type
There are four types of perfumes. Depending on the type, the duration and concentration are different, so please check the contents on the package when applying perfume.

Parfum (Parfum “P”)


■ Concentration: 20-30%
■ Duration: 5 hours to half a day

Strictly speaking, perfume refers to this “parfum”. I think young people are not very familiar with it, but the lineup is getting smaller as before, and it’s a bit more expensive. I think that the scent is harder than I think, so the amount to add is one drop. Please be careful not to put too much.

Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Source Dior

■ Concentration: 7-15%
■ Duration: 5 hours

[How to attach]
Apply a small amount of 1 to 3 drops as if drawing a line

Since the concentration is slightly lower than Parfum, it can be easily attached and the product lineup is abundant. It is a very popular perfume because of its low price and large quantity. For spray type, use 1-3 pushes as a guide.

The perfume of parfum or eau de parfum has a strong scent, so wear it on the lower body where body temperature is low.

■ Inside the ankle Achilles tendon
By attaching to the ankle, the scent gradually increases from bottom to top. Because it is the place farthest from the nose, it is a recommended place for strong perfumes.

■ Inside the knee
Actually, the inside of the knee is one of the nine places where body temperature is low. Like the ankle, the scent rises from the bottom up, so it smells fragrant. One thing to keep in mind is that you choose a location that is not exposed to UV light.

Exposure to direct sunlight with perfume on may cause pigmentation and redness and spots may occur.

■ Inside the thigh
The peach can be a place where the body temperature is high, but the fragrance will be alleviated by attaching it inside.

December 17, 2018