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A healing space with elegant fragrance “VOLUSPA”. 13 carefully selected popular scents!

There may be many people who don’t hear the scent of Le Mans. Originally derived from French “gourmand” = glutton.

Taste and smell are closely related. There are fragrances in the world of fragrance that will captivate gluttons.

Gourmand scent originated in France. In fact, French people are a big sweet tooth! Breakfast always eats sweet bread, and lunch and dinner are always accompanied by dessert.

In Paris, where I live, patisserie (confectionery shops) and chocolate shops (chocolate shops) are crowded, and even French people who usually hate to wait are buying sweets.

The shampoo scents found in supermarkets and pharmacies are all Gourmand, such as vanilla and almond.

Gourmand perfumes are the strength of all fragrance brands because they love the sweet scent.

Sweet scents are attractive, but wearing them in everyday life is a matter of concern.

Introducing Gourmand perfumes that are not only sweet but also so sweet and soothing that you find in the home of fragrance France. !

“Chabaud” is a luxury fragrance brand that began in 2002 in Montpellier, South France. Many people don’t know this name, but it’s a niche brand specializing in Gourmand perfumes.

It combines poetry-like beauty and elegance, and is made with 100% French quality and high quality.

Bottles are a traditional glass factory in the Normandy region of France, and fragrances have a long history in the fragrance industry, where the fragrances are manufactured in Grasse, which is said to be the best in the world.

December 17, 2018